Moleshim & Co. established in Molsheim, France, as a prestige luxury goods house.

Molshiem & Co. succeeds by its multifaceted aspects: from fashion to fragrances, from the pursuit of excellence & Passion to a unique spirit of avant-gardism, from architecture to art.

All of these qualities work together to compose M&CO engagement in the world of ideas and innovation, as the house has always considered fashion, luxury and beauty as an artistic essence in a unique sensory world.

A vision of timeless beauty

A heritage of craft

A creator of legacies

A focus on Luxury

The Crystal Private


On a captivating, luxurious fragrant journey, we are given the opportunity to celebrate the evocative and enigmatic memories that have inspired each of the scents in this special private collection.

A combination of elegance, authenticity and luxury, Molsheim & Co’s Crystal collection is housed in four exquisite champagne bottles, embellished with bold jewel tones, featuring the most iconic scents of modern perfumery.


A Family Affair


The M&C0 family team together created an exclusive collection of luxury fragrances for a man or a woman, designed to capture the essence of the House of Molsheim.


This unisex collection is imaginative, fresh, and effortlessly glamorous; qualities that the House of Molsheimexudes in every creation. The Eaux de Parfum Crystal collection brings an irrefutable force filled with the natural elegance & Captivating radiance. Lets Celebrate together with the prive Crystal collection by the House of Molsheim.