The Crystal Fragrance Collection

A combination of elegance, authenticity and luxury, Molsheim & Co’s Crystal collection is housed in four exquisite champagne bottles, embellished with bold jewel tones, featuring the most iconic scents of modern perfumery.

The Collection

On a captivating, luxurious fragrant journey, we are given the opportunity to celebrate the evocative and enigmatic memories that have inspired each of the scents in this special private collection.



Transformed with modern stylistic cues taken from cosmopolitan spirit, Beluga is a seductive new interpretation of the renowned oriental ingredient.


Platinum pairs explosive bubbly aromas of refined fibers with the allure of a sumptuous Arab evening that leaves an indelible mark, recreating its captivating radiance.



A blend of matter and essence, Gold vibrant formulation blends seven notes to give the combination of a vibrant and fresh fruit character with a soft texture.


The embodiment of the colour Pink, Rose is an explosion of energy; a celebration of vitality. Rich, fun and a little mysterious, the impassioned fragrance is a symbol of desire and love.